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  December 22, 2014 
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Welcome to Volunteering Geelong
May 15, 2014

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering Geelong is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community, through the promotion and support of volunteering.

Volunteering Geelong was established in 1998 through the identification, by a number of individuals and members of the Geelong Volunteer Network (GVN), of the need for a "one stop shop" for volunteer recruitment and support.


Six Volunteering Questions to G21 Region State Election Candidates

Volunteering Geelong, the region’s peak volunteer organisation today released the results of their Survey of the local candidates for Saturday’s State Election.

Volunteering Geelong Manager Gail Rodgers said, “The Survey has provided us was an interesting snapshot of candidates understanding and policies in relation to Volunteering in Geelong. Candidates where asked six questions.”

1) Are you familiar with Volunteering Geelong and the services we provide to the G21 Region Communities => YES or NO?
2) Would you like to arrange a meeting to be introduced and briefed about Volunteering Geelong => YES or NO?
3) Did you know we receive no State or Local Government funds to provide our services in the G21 Region? => YES or NO?
4) Will you support a targeted investment of funds either directly to Volunteering Geelong or Volunteer Projects in the G21 Region?   => YES or NO?
5) Do you, or if a political party candidate, have a Volunteering Election Policy => YES or NO?
6) Are you aware of and do you support Volunteering Victoria's Submission for funding of State-wide projects => YES or NO?

Volunteering Geelong would also like to publicly acknowledge the following candidates who assisted with the survey and enquired further about volunteering:  Chris Couzens, John Eren, Lloyd Davies, Greg Lacey, Tony Leen, Tony McManus, Lisa Neville and Gayle Tierney.

For more information access Media Release.
Last Updated ( Nov 25, 2014 )
Emergency Volunteer Manager (EVM) G21 Pilot Overview
Oct 06, 2014
The 2014 Emergency Volunteer Manager G21 Pilot  (funded Regional Development Victoria) by aims to recruit help build community resilience by training, supporting, deploying and debriefing a workforce of skilled emergency volunteer managers to manage spontaneous emergency volunteers during disaster recovery and relief.

Pilot Scope
  • Emergency Volunteer Manager recruitment, engagement and support
  • Develop and deliver emergency training & resources to support managers
  • Peer support network and telephone helpline
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Engagement with relief and recovery organisations

Out of scope
Recruitment and deployment of Spontaneous Emergency Volunteers (SEVs) during an emergency event

To deliver this project, Volunteering Victoria is working collaboratively with Volunteering Geelong, Australian Red Cross, the CFA, SES, MAV, relevant LGAs along with community groups and volunteer involving organisations.

For more information on the project contact Alison Duff on 52211377.

Last Updated ( Oct 06, 2014 )
Imagine Victoria without the power of volunteers.
Oct 16, 2014


Volunteers are the power behind more than 600,000 not for profit organisations in Australia. Even in the organisations that have paid staff (a minority), there is a heavy reliance on the goodwill, energy and skills of people who freely give their time and expertise to help out. To make things happen. To make the world just a bit better.

Imagine the possibilities is a Volunteering Victoria campaign to raise awareness of the value that volunteering plays in our community and the diversity of ways volunteering happens. It is part of Volunteering Victoria's mission to support the growth and empowerment of the volunteering community.

Read more on how Encompass Geelong could not do without it's wonderful volunteers.

Last Updated ( Oct 16, 2014 )
Centrelink Volunteering Obligations FAQs
Oct 27, 2014
Insurance coverage now exists for Volunteers who are in receipt of Centrelink payments that provide voluntary services in Victorian state schools.

This recent development now means that volunteers who receive Centrelink payments can commence volunteering in state schools.
Last Updated ( Oct 27, 2014 )
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