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  April 19, 2015 
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Imagine Victoria without the power of volunteers.
Feb 04, 2015


Volunteers are the power behind more than 600,000 not for profit organisations in Australia. Even in the organisations that have paid staff (a minority), there is a heavy reliance on the goodwill, energy and skills of people who freely give their time and expertise to help out. To make things happen. To make the world just a bit better.


Imagine the possibilities is a Volunteering Victoria campaign to raise awareness of the value that volunteering plays in our community and the diversity of ways volunteering happens. It is part of Volunteering Victoria's mission to support the growth and empowerment of the volunteering community.

Read more on how Encompass Geelong could not do without it's wonderful volunteers.

Last Updated ( Feb 18, 2015 )
About the Geelong Volunteer Network
Feb 02, 2015
The Geelong Volunteer Network was set up to provide a forum for those with a common interest in volunteering to communicate, share ideas and provide informal mentoring and support opportunities as required.

The ‘Geelong Volunteering Network’ was established in early 1994 and membership has expanded considerably in recent years. Membership is free and meetings are every 6 weeks. If you would like to join the Network, please contact

2015 Meeting Dates and Times

  • Wed 25th February - 9.00-10.30am, Deakin Cats Community Centre at Simonds Stadium.
  • Wed 6th May - 9.00-10.30am, Deakin Cats Community Centre at Simonds Stadium.
  • Wed 1st July - 9.00-10.30am, Deakin Cats Community Centre at Simonds Stadium
  • Wed 2nd September - 9.00-10.30am, Deakin Cats Community Centre at Simonds Stadium
  • Wed 4th November - 9.00-10.30am, Deakin Cats Community Centre at Simonds Stadium


Why Join The Network?

  • Support for new volunteer managers
  • Exchange of ideas on volunteer issues
  • Stimulating environment
  • Support for Volunteering Geelong as the public face of volunteering
  • Agency updates
  • Networking with other agencies
  • Practical up to date information
  • Lobby group with regional and state governments
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Relevant regional information
  • Professional expertise and backup
  • Managing on-going change
  • Up to date information on volunteer funding issues
  • Interpret government and funding trends
  • Exchange of written resources
  • Professional development workshops

 For more information about members of the GVN refer to the GVN Quick Reference Guide.


Last Updated ( Mar 23, 2015 )
NEW! Key Facts and statistics about volunteering in Victoria (17 February 2015)
Feb 26, 2015
Volunteering Victoria have put together an information sheet, which provides a 'snapshot' of key facts and statistics to assist your organisation with program development, funding applications and advocacy.

This information sheet includes data on how many people volunteer, who volunteers, where people volunteer, how often people volunteer, why people volunteer, barriers to volunteering, the economic value of volunteering, the social value of volunteering, trends in volunteering and much more.

Economic Value of Volunteering in the G21 region

Also, valuable information about the economic value of volunteering in the G21 region has been compiled by the G21 Alliance. The Economic Value of Volunteering in the G21 region report is available here or on the G21 website.

Last Updated ( Feb 26, 2015 )
Centrelink Volunteering Obligations FAQs
Oct 27, 2014
Insurance coverage now exists for Volunteers who are in receipt of Centrelink payments that provide voluntary services in Victorian state schools.

This recent development now means that volunteers who receive Centrelink payments can commence volunteering in state schools.
Last Updated ( Mar 11, 2015 )
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